About us

Our Mission

Contribute to a better environment, employment and a sustainable economy.

Worldwide, millions of tons of rubber products are burnt or dumped illegally.
This leads to soil and water pollution, additional emissions of sulfur, greenhouse gases and a poor environment.

Because of population growth, the demand of latex (natural rubber) continues to increase.
This increase ensures an even more expanding rubber waste problem.
The constant growth in rubber plantations provides more deforestation which causes the C02 emissions to increase.

Unlike burning and illegal dumping, we have developed a process that is fully sustainable and CO2 neutral.
All the raw materials we get from the rubber tracks are 100% reusable.

We want to lend a helping hand in this war against the globally problem of rubber waste.
The recycled end products do not need to be reproduced, which means a reduction of CO2 emissions and a preserve of our nature.
The upcycling of rubber to rubber powder is a good substitute for virgin rubber (latex).

By applying our process worldwide, we can create more employment and help solving this environmental problem.